Summer Intern, Craigville Retreat Center, Craigville, MA

in Job Postings
October 24th, 2017


  1. meet and greet each Sunday
  2. be present in community by walking through the village or hanging out at the beach or sitting outside post office in the village or maintaining office hours [using this time to do prep is totally acceptable]
  3. open worship
  4. give announcements
  5. invite and secure a different preacher for each Sunday
  6. invite and secure musicians for each Sunday
  7. work with Religious Activities and Tab Committee to secure ushers and greeters each week
  8. secure two people weekly to count the offering w/a Board Member
  9. prepare a summer schedule of worship participants
  10. make bank deposits on Monday and keep an accounting
  11. prepare end of the season financial report
  12. manage a budget
  13. meet with Religious Activities and Tab Committee
  14. check TAB email and US mail box regularly
  15. prepare weekly announcements for newspaper
  16. prepare summer list of preachers for posting
  17. get checks from the office for honorariums and disburse

Salary:  $400.00 a week for 10 weeks.  $4,000.00.

We will supply a list of preachers and musicians.  The candidate may use our contact list or present their own list.  We are interested in creating joyful creative worship and welcome an energetic happy person to consider working with us.

Interested people should send a resume, their statement of purpose and reason for being interested in this ministry to by November 15.