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June 25th, 2014

General Description – Summary

Responsible for developing a comprehensive communications and marketing strategy working with lay volunteers to promote the on the church Website, Facebook, Twitter, Constant Contact, video production and other digital applications and platforms. Ensures the Website is functioning optimally and is available to users. Communicates with employees and the public to achieve St. Andrew strategic objectives. The person should be supportive of, and sympathetic to, the mission of the congregation.

Key Responsibilites


  • With input from Clergy, other staff and lay leaders, develops and executes a robust communications strategy to ensure high-impact digital and print communications.
  • Applies understanding of communication issues and a variety of technology solutions to achieve communication goals.
  • Creates compelling, persuasive, relevant, current and accurate communications content that will increase the public’s engagement with the congregation in the Denver metro area and beyond.
  • Ensures that all print and digital content is in alignment with the St. Andrew and broader UMC brand. 
  • Leads efforts to integrate various communication activities, budgets and resources effectively to support the core mission of the church.


  • Manages the St. Andrew Website and provides interface with IT for performance issues.
  • Stays current on the Web’s latest technologies and makes sure the site and its products are mobile-friendly and multi-platform ready.
  • Tests and troubleshoots Website functionality.
  • Keeps the Church’s social media outlets current and active.
  • Ensures that the graphical and textual content of the Website is current, relevant and accurate.
  • Partners with IT personnel on Website styling, user experience and branding.


  • Builds a team of laity to assist with developing a comprehensive public relations strategy to effectively promote the St. Andrew brand including video production and other digital applications and platforms.
  • Implements a comprehensive public relations strategy to strengthen the St. Andrew brand and effectively message its mission and vision.
  • Cultivates and maintains local media contacts for disseminating press releases and leveraging public relations opportunities. 
  • Partners with ministry areas to plan, coordinate and implement marketing and information materials for various programs, ministries and events. 
  • Creates multi-pronged, integrated marketing and communications awareness campaigns that utilize innovative tools to engage the community most effectively.



Three to five years of experience or an equivalent combination of education and experience in communications, marketing, Web design, social media and audio/video production including researching, developing and executing strategic communication and marketing plans. Experience with developing Home Pages and Landing Pages for social media outlets.
  • Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written
  • Ability to work in a diverse community environment and to empower volunteers
  • Self-starter with the ability to work independently
  • Good judgment and decision-making skills
  • Microsoft office suite: Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook
  • Adobe Suite
  • HTML, CSS desired.


Must be able to lift 25 pounds.


Flexibility to work beyond traditional office hours, and on weekends, as well as the professional dedication to be “on call” when necessary.


Undergraduate degree in communications, marketing, liberal arts or related field.


 Ability to work in a team environment.