Floyd Knight (MDiv ’88)

in Alumni/ae News
March 25th, 2014

Floyd Knight, a former M.L. King Scholar at the School of Theology and a Bible major (MDIV ’88), has been awarded a DFI Fellowship from the Illinois Board of Higher Education. Having formerly held the Carter G Woodson Fellowship at Northern Illinois University, Floyd is currently the Rhoten A. Smith Teaching and Research Fellow in the English Department at NIU where he is a Ph.D. linguistics major. Upon graduation, Floyd plans to earn a second Ph.D. in Hebrew Bible in order to study ancient Syrio-Palestinian literature and culture from a variety of linguistic, rhetorical, literary, historical and philological approaches, methodologies, and perspectives. Floyd, an ordained minister in the Christian Church (Disciples of Chris) denomination since 1988, was also granted approval for Ordained Ministerial Partnership Standing in the United Church of Christ in 2010.