Dr. Donald F. Megnin (STH ’60)

in Alumni/ae Publications
October 2nd, 2013

Since his retirement as a professor of International Politics, Donald F. Megnin (STH ’60) has been writing books of personal and historical interest and finds this activity most satisfying in his retirement years.

Dr. Megnin books in order of publication are: The Security of SilenceA Conspiracy of SilenceThe Struggle to SurviveA Farm Boy Sees The WorldMoments in Time: A MemoirA Medley of Short StoriesGlimpses of the Past: Letters From Overseas, andQuestions We Need To Ask Ourselves. Dr. Megnin is currently writing a book on jokes and funny stories.

He writes of his experience at Boston University School of Theology:

“My class was 1960 and I had worked for Dean Howard Thurman during my last two years in Seminary. I set up the Children’s Chapel Program for Marsh Chapel so that the children could attend church school while their parents attended the adult Marsh Chapel service.

During my first year in Seminary, I worked for the Waltham Methodist Church under the direction of the Rev. Ernest Case. Having sold my car to attend the first Cultural Exchange Program between the United States and the Soviet Union (Summer of 1958), I was no longer able to travel any distance to serve in a local church. Fortunately, I was able to borrow cars to present my program on Our Soviet Union visit among the churches in Massachusetts served by various classmates and graduate students with whom I had become acquainted in seminary.”

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