Congratulations to Robert Neville!

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May 30th, 2013

rn-e1345983062693Bob Neville received the prestigious Founder’s Award of the Metaphysics Society of America this spring, heralding the Society’s recognition of his lifetime of distinguished scholarship. The award presentation began with noting the formalities of Bob’s accomplishments, including the 22 monographs; 11 edited books; 85 books published in his two SUNY series; and over 300 articles, chapters, and reviews. This is an amazing portfolio, but the presentation emphasized the quality of Bob’s work and the enormity of his contribution. The presenter described Bob as “one of the most important living practitioners of what may be called ‘systematic’ philosophy, that is, philosophy which seeks to address each area of philosophical debate in a consistent language with a set of related concepts nevertheless open to continual revision ….”

The presenter also noted Bob’s human qualities, saying: “Our honoree takes mentoring seriously, collegiality seriously, in short, people seriously. It is difficult to find someone more simultaneously devoted to philosophical argument and the civil recognition of the humanity of his interlocutors.” He adds a quip: “The point is the combination of Output, Service to Institution and Profession, and the Personality, cannot be explained by science.”

Rarely are we present to hear such honorific words spoken to a colleague in a professional society, so I happily share these words about Robert Cummings Neville at the time of his receiving this very distinguished award from a very distinguished society.

With gratitude,

Mary Elizabeth Moore, Dean and Professor of Theology and Education