In commemoration of Max Miller

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January 18th, 2013


In commemoration of Max Miller

Several leaders of the School of Music and STH have collaborated to create the attached tribute to Max Miller, a great soul who contributed mightily to STH, the School of Music, and Marsh Chapel, not to mention the larger world of music. I have pasted the first paragraph of the tribute below and you can read the attachment in its entirety. Max Miller’s legacy was remarkable. Those who knew him celebrate his life mightily, and those who did not know him have received his gifts in ways that you can now celebrate as you read the attachment.

Max Miller served on the faculties of the School of Music and the School of Theology at Boston University for forty-two years until his retirement in 1991.  He was simultaneously University Organist, Director of Music at Marsh Chapel, Director of the Master of Sacred Music program, conductor of the Seminary Singers, and Professor of Organ in the School of Music.  He took the Seminary Singers on tour every year, and one suspects that participants could contribute many anecdotes about Max’s aplomb under the inevitably unpredictable vicissitudes of such an enterprise.

With appreciation for a life well lived,

Mary Elizabeth

Dean and Professor of Theology and Education

To view the complete tribute, click here.