Christopher Brown, Luther’s Works, Prefaces I

in Faculty Publications
November 6th, 2012


Christopher BrownNever before in English, this volume presents Luther’s prefaces from 1520-32 for the writings of both colleagues and opponents. In Luther’s day, the preface was sometimes the most important part of the book. The preface used the most beautiful of language to praise the author, his work, and his arguments–and to decry his opponents. Publishers knew that having Luther’s preface brought instant fame to any book.Prefaces I 2012

Some of Luther’s prefaces are short, witty, and incisive; others are as long as treatises, with thorough discussions of important theology. Satirical, earnest, tender, combative–in his prefaces Luther is all these things. Over and over, Luther calls his readers to remember why the Reformation was needed, and not to take it for granted.

Author Information: Christopher Brown

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