Rev. Dr. William E. Alberts (GRS 1961, STH 1961)

in Alumni/ae Publications
July 26th, 2012

albertsRev. Dr. William E. Alberts (GRS 1961, STH 1961) published A Hospital Chaplain at the Crossroads of Humanity which tells the stories of patients who represent the diversity of divinity and the divinity of diversity– and the commonality of humanity. Patients who reveal a hospital is actually a global neighborhood that calls for a chaplain to embrace diversity of belief—“without exception.” Chaplains without theological blinders. Thus pastoral/spiritual care begins with the humanness that prepares a chaplain to enter into and honor this global neighborhood. The inward journey where one becomes self-aware, and is in touch with and accepting of oneself. Such self-awareness prepares one to understand and accept patients and their loved ones as themselves, and to experience their reality not interpret it. Dr. Orlo Strunk recently reviewed the book here.