Congratulations to Claire Wolfteich and Shelly Rambo!

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August 2nd, 2011


Claire Wolfteich has been elected as President of the International Academy of Practical Theology – a global, invitational organization of practical theologians that produces conferences and publications to support vigorous dialogue in the field. It is quite an honor to Claire and to BU that she has been selected as President; it is a recognition of her scholarship, as well as her organizational gifts.


More good news!: Two of the top five articles for online usage published by the International Journal of Practical Theology were written by Claire Wolfteich and Shelly Rambo. Claire’s article “Animating Questions: Spirituality and Practical Theology” and Shelly’s article “Trauma and Faith: Reading the Narrative of the Hemorrhaging Woman” were two of the five most frequently downloaded articles.

Thank you and congratulations to Claire and Shelly.