Three of our colleagues have just received wonderful news:

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March 3rd, 2011

Claire Wolfteich has been awarded a Louisville Institute Sabbatical Grant for 2011-2012 to work on her project ““Bridging the Gap: Christian Spiritual Traditions and the Quotidian Practices of Lay Women.” She will address the continuing gap between dominant models of spiritual renewal and the tangible life realities of American women, especially mothers. Claire is poised to do a superb study, and we hope she will also find good Sabbath time in the midst of her intensive research.

Anjulet Tucker has been accepted to the 2011-2012 Wabash Pre-Tenure Faculty Workshop, which will give her a two-year opportunity to engage with other faculty – teaching faculty and pre-tenure peers – in dynamic intensives on teaching. She will contribute and learn much in this program, and will also receive a grant to support the next phase of her research.

Courtney Goto has been accepted to the 2011-12 Wabash Teaching and Learning Workshop for Pre-Tenure Asian and Asian American Religion and Theology Faculty. This will give her opportunity to engage with other Asian scholars about teaching and living in the academy. She will be a dynamic presence in the two-year workshops and will draw much support for her teaching and research.

Congratulations to all of you! You are amazing people, and we are proud of you!