Teaching Tools

From groundbreaking technology and pedagogical approaches to the innovative use of classroom and lab spaces, the Office of STEM Education Initiatives is committed to aiding faculty in the discovery of new solutions to further strengthen STEM teaching. The tools in this continually growing section are part of an assortment of ideas and approaches available to STEM educators as they work to prepare 21st century scientists, engineers, and mathematicians for a 21st century marketplace.

Studio Teaching

Boston University’s new 81-student Interactive Studio Classroom (ISC) in SCI B23 integrates and weaves together educational technologies and evidence-based and modern pedagogies to transform the way that large introductory STEM courses are taught. The studio model can be adapted to many large introductory classes across a wide variety of disciplines, both in the STEM fields as well as other fields such as economics and business.

Instructional Techniques

Just as Boston University offers a seemingly infinite range of courses and extracurricular opportunities for student development, it also serves as a living classroom for faculty and aspiring educators working to hone, refresh, and further refine their craft in the STEM disciplines. This section represents a sampling of the opportunities available at BU where faculty can advance their understanding and practice of everything from the use of technology in classrooms to the melding of disciplines to form new areas of study.