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Quincy lawmaker files bill to require sex offenders to register social media names

Thursday, February 28th, 2013


Feb 28, 2013  By Mike Trinh, Patriot Ledger State House Bureau

New Quincy state Rep. Tackey Chan






Photo: Greg Derr/The Patriot Ledger


New Quincy state Rep. Tackey Chan of Quincy

BOSTON —Is that new Facebook friend or Twitter follower a sex offender? How would you know?

For the third time since 2007, a Quincy lawmaker is leading an effort to change the state’s Sex Offender Registry law to require sex offenders to register their online social media handles and email addresses with the state.

It’s an effort first championed by former state Sen. Michael Morrissey, D-Quincy, back in 2007, three years after Facebook was launched and quickly became the social media choice among college students, then high school kids and adults.

That year, the bill never made it out of the Judiciary Committee. In 2011, state Rep. Tackey Chan, D-Quincy, a former aide to Morrissey, refiled the bill with the same results.