Guiliani Endorses Polito in Treasurer’s Race

By Jason Marder

September 16, 2010

BOSTON— Standing in the shadow of Paul Revere’s statue in the North End of Boston this morning, Rep. Karyn E. Polito, (R-Shrewsbury) secured the endorsement of former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani in her bid to be the next Massachusetts State Treasurer.

“We need someone like her who understands fiscal integrity, understands the value of money and the reality that you just can’t spend it wildly,” said Giuliani.  “I enthusiastically endorse her for the position of treasurer in Massachusetts.”

The two greeted business owners and residents in the heavily Republican precinct while walking down Hanover St.. Rep. Polito returned the compliment saying it was an honor to stand with Giuliani two days before 9/11.  “That’s the same sort of leadership we need in state government now as people are really struggling across our Commonwealth and across our country.”

Polito said she would maintain her independence as treasurer pledging to be a watchdog for the people, not political parties or special interests.  Her plans call for a reduction of state sales tax to 5%, end to pensions for state politicians, and 10-year term limits for all serving the Commonwealth.

Polito said she supports expanded gaming in Massachusetts as a way to increase revenues and add jobs, but pointed to the implosion of recent legislative efforts as an example of, “dysfunction on Beacon Hill.”

Largely unrecognized outside of her district, Polito has relied on Republican heavyweights to help improve her name-recognition.  Previously endorsed by Sen. Scott Brown (D-Massachusetts), Polito is expected and to win the endorsement of former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney tomorrow.

Both Polito and Giuliani called on their Italian heritage to connect with voters, but on the streets of the North End, Giuliani shined the brightest.

“It was amazing,” said Malden resident Susan Catricala who admitted over coffee that, “even though he’s from New York,” she’s been a fan of the Giuliani’s since 9/11.  “You always felt that he was making decisions based on what he felt was right and not on what someone else was saying.”

Not everyone in the area was star-struck.  An un-affiliated Brighton resident, known as Nash, sat back watching the endorsement and said he recognized Giuliani but wasn’t impressed by his presence.

“When I see a local politician bring a national name in to drum up support it seems like their more interested in the star-value than trying to convince people of the merit of their ideas.”

Rep. Polito has served in the Massachusetts House of Representatives since 2001 and has been re-elected unopposed since then.  She’ll face the winner of the September 14th Democratic primary.  According to a May Suffolk Law School poll, former Massachusetts and National Democratic Party Chairman Steven Grossman and Boston City Council member Stephen Murphy both held a slight lead over Polito.

After this weekend, Polito will have several high profile endorsements, but will still depend on her ideas and voter response to spark a revolution and catapult her to a new office on Beacon Hill.

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