Emergency BU Alert Boston University's Charles River and Medical Center Campuses will be closed all day Tuesday, January 27, 2015. When classes resume, they will resume on the regular class schedule. Whether or how classes are to be made up is at the discretion of the faculty member. Please note: Employees in essential services must report as scheduled. Essential services include, but are not limited to, University Police, Public Safety, Emergency Patient Treatment, Facilities Management and Planning, Environmental Health & Safety, University Dining Services, Mail Services, Student Health Services, Occupational and Environmental Medicine and the University Switchboard. For the very latest information, please go to BU Today at http://www.bu.edu/today and the Emergency Communications page at http://www.bu.edu/ehs/comm

Graduate Students

PhD Students

Shuyang (Ray) Bai
MCS B44, (617) 353-9547, bsy9142@math.bu.edu

Jessica Curtis
MCS 256, (617) 353-5287, curtisj@bu.edu

Xinyi Deng
MCS 256, (617) 353-5287, xinyi@math.bu.edu

Alexandrina Goeva
MCS B42, (617) 353-5204, agoeva@math.bu.edu

Ian Johnston
MCS 151, (617) 358-2378, ianj@bu.edu

Xinyu Kang
MCS 152, (617) 353-5157, xkang@math.bu.edu

Matthew Morse
MCS 145, (617) 358-5272, mrmorse@math.bu.edu

Clementine Mottet
MCS 149A, (617) 353-3923, cmottet@math.bu.edu

Lijun Peng
MCS 151, (617) 358-2378, ljpeng@bu.edu

Lin Wang
MCS 149a, (617) 353-3923, wanglin@bu.edu

Karrie Weber
MCS 247, (617) 358-2392, kweber@bu.edu

Jia Yang
MCS 149C, (617) 353-5211, jiayang@math.bu.edu

Liliya Zax
MCS 150, (617) 358-2377, lzax@math.bu.edu

Yaonan Zhang
MCS 237, (617) 358-2392, yaonanzh@bu.edu