Ph.D. Program Milestones

Milestones for the Ph.D. Program in Statistics
The department considers it essential that each student progress in a timely manner toward completion of
the degree. The following are the deadlines for achieving the milestones described in the Degree
Requirements and constitute the basis for evaluating satisfactory progress towards the Ph.D.
These deadlines are not to be construed as expected times to complete the various milestones,
but rather as upper bounds. In other words, a student in good standing expecting to complete
the degree within the fi ve years of guaranteed funding will meet these milestones by the much
earlier target dates indicated below. Failure to achieve these milestones in a timely manner may
aff ect financial aid.

  • Completion of MA Theory & Applied exams (post-BA only not required of post-MA admits)
    • April of year 2 (Target: April of year 1)
  • Completion of pre-qualifying exam coursework (MA779, MA780, MA781, MA782)
    • End of year 3 post-BA/Fall of year 2 post-MA (Target: Spring of year 2 post-BA/Spring
      of year 1 post-MA)
  • Selection of disseration advisor
    • End of year 3 (Target: Spring of year 2)
  • Completion of two qualifying exams
    • End of year 3 post-BA/October of year 2 post-MA (Target: Spring of year 2 or fall of year 3 post-BA/ October of year 2 post-MA)
  • Ful llment of course requirements
    • End of year 4 (Target: end of year 3)
  • Ful llment of language requirement
    • End of year 5 (Target: end of year 3)
  • Completion of dissertation and dissertation defense
    • End of year 6 (Target: end of year 5)