E-mail Quota

Managing Quota

Exchange email accounts have a quota of 10000 KB. When your account exceeds 80000 KB, you will receive an automated email. You have an archive through which you can save email messages that will not count against your quota.

Viewing your Quota
In the Mail Folders window on the left-hand side of Outlook, right-click on your "Mailbox – Lastname, Firstname MI." Select "Properties for Mailbox – Lastname, Firstname MI."
archive folders
In the "Properties" window, left-click on the "Folder Size…" button.
archive folders
In order to not receive automated emails, the "Total Size (including sub-folders):" must be <10000 KB. You can also browse the size of your various sub-folders to find folders which might be best reduced in size.
archive folders
Tips for keeping your mailbox under quota
  • Use sub-folders: If you file your emails in sub-folders under your "Mailbox," your older items will be automatically archived, and you won’t have to worry about moving them.
  • Empty your Deleted Items and Junk E-mail: Once you delete items, get rid of them permanently by emptying your Deleted Items and Junk E-mail folders.
  • Move your old Sent Items: Move your "Sent Items" to the "Sent Items" folder under Archive.
  • Archive extremely large e-mails: some e-mails have very large attachments which will use up your quota quickly. Any message over 1 MB is taking up over 1% of your quota, and it would be wise to move them to your archive. Click on the "Size" tab above your message list to sort by size (see below).