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Community Lists
ssw-mail SSW Faculty and Staff, including Grants
ssw-264 SSW Faculty and Staff located in 264-270 Bay State Road
ssw-staff-all SSW All Staff (including non-student research staff)
ssw-staff-admin SSW Administrative Staff
ssw-staff-support SSW Support Staff
ssw-staff-research SSW Reserach (non-student) Staff
ssw-phdstudents SSW/GRS PhD Students
Faculty Lists
ssw-faculty-all SSW All Faculty (Full, Half, Part-time)
ssw-faculty-full-time SSW Full-time Faculty
ssw-faculty-clinical SSW Faculty with Clincial Appointments
ssw-faculty-half-time SSW Half-time Faculty
ssw-faculty-part-time SSW Part-Time Faculty
ssw-faculty-tenured SSW Tenured Faculty
ssw-faculty-tenuretrack SSW Tenure Track Faculty
Faculty Lists by Academic Department
ssw-faculty-cp-full-time SSW Clinical Practice Faculty (Full-time), including Group Work
ssw-faculty-cp-part-time SSW Clinical Practice Faculty (Part-time)
ssw-faculty-hb SSW Human Behavior (Full-time)
ssw-faculty-research SSW Research Faculty (Full-time)
ssw-faculty-policy SSW Policy Faculty (Full-time)
ssw-faculty-macro SSW Macro, Ethics, Ed.M & Management Faculty (Full-and Half-time)
ssw-faculty-racism SSW Racism Faculty
Committees and Working Groups
ssw-chairs SSW Department Chairs
ssw-committee-curriculum SSW Curriculum committee members (faculty and staff only)
ssw-technology_committee SSW Technology Committee
ssw-website SSW Website Workgroup
Sponsored Programs
ssw-staff-research SSW Reserach (non-student) Staff
ssw-grants-igsw Institute for Geriatric Social Work Staff

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