Exchange Based Calendars

These calendars are maintained by SSWIT, and will work only in the Exchange environment. To use the lists you must be using Exchange through Outlook.


What follows is a listing of the Shared Calendars which are available with descriptions and other information. Please note that calendars are listed in the global address list by last name (SSW) and first name (see below). Learn how to open a room’s calendar below.

Last Name First Name Description (if neeed) login*
Community Calendars
SSW Calendar The School’s central calendar sswcal
SSW Classes A calendar of the School’s courses sswclass
SSW Conant Lounge Media Equipment Instructions ssw217
SSW Basement Lounge sswb44
SSW Computer Lab sswb33
SSW Dean’s Conference Room Must be scheduled through the Dean’s office. sswdconf
SSW Lowy Lounge ssw214
SSW Room 119 ssw119
SSW Room 121 Media Equipment Instructions ssw121
SSW Student Lounge sswstlng
SSW Video Workstation Located in Room 221; Instructions & Information sswvidws
SSW Laptop 1 Be sure to invite “SSW, IT Department” and as resources to this event using Outlook, so SSW IT staff can be sure to be availble to check this equipment out to you.

All equipment will be checked out from SSW Room 117 and must be returned to that room.

SSW Laptop 2 sswlap2
SSW Projector sswproj
SSW Video Camera sswvideo
Departmental Calendars
SSW Professional Education Programs Full listing of PEP workshops, lectures, and certificate programs as well as their dates, locations, and instructors. pepssw
BU North Calendars
BU North Calendar BU North rooms are accessible only for authorized SSW OCP staff. bunortha

*for advanced use only

Room Reservation

  • If you have exchange access, you are expected to reserve rooms yourself, and are responsible for removing/change your reservation if it should change.
  • If you do not have access to an exchange account or are not authorized to schedule these rooms, please arrange reservations with through the appropriate staff.

In order to guarantee the room you want is booked properly, you must create your event in one of two ways:

  1. Create the event on YOUR calendar and add the room’s calendar (as well as the any other calendar you’d like the event listed on as a resource), and invite attendees if needed
    • Create/Open the event
    • Click the “Invite Attendees” button
    • Click the “To” button
    • Choose the Resource (Room Calendar) to book
      • Search the Gloabal Address list by last name (use SSW for the last name) GAL
      • Highlight the correct name
      • Click the “Resource” button to add the calendar as a resource
      • You may list multiple resources to book multiple rooms or have the event appear on multiple calendars
    • Invite people or e-mail lists.
      • Type the last name of an individual to seach for them or type “ssw-” to begin looking at the lists
      • Click “Required” to add the highlighted person/list to the invite
    • Click OK once the proper resources and invitees are listed
    • Click “Send” to send the invitation to the resource and any invitees
    • Save and close your event
  2. Create the event directly on the calendar for that particular room.
    • Open the Room’s Calendar
      • Open Outlook
      • Click the Calendar button
      • Click on “Open a Shared Calendar…”
      • Click the “Name…” button
      • Type the name of the calendar and make sure it’s highlighted in the list below and click “OK”GAL
      • Click “OK” again when the calendar name appears next to the “Name…” button
      • The Calendar will open and now appear in the list of “People’s Calendars” on the left side
    • Find the day and time for your event and enter the event name