BU machine

These instructions are for connecting to SSW file storage while using a university-owned, Microsoft Windows-based machine which is joined to the Active Directory network. If your machine does not fit this description, please use the non-BU machine instructions.

The basic steps for connecting are:

  1. Connect to the Internet
  2. Connect to the BU network
  3. Connect to the File Share

Connect to the Internet

Please make sure that your computer is connected to the internet either via a wireless connection or plugged in.

Action Steps

  1. Plug in or connect to a wireless network
  2. Test internet by opening a web browser and going to your favorite webpage

Connect to the BU network

If you are on the Charles River Campus or at BU North, and you are connected to a BU provided internet service (BU Wired Network or BU Wireless), you are already connected to the BU Network.

If you are off-campus, then you will need to use the VPN to connect to the BU network.

Action Steps - Off-Campus

  1. Connect to the VPN

Connect to the File Share

  • the Microsoft Windows KeyOn your computer press the windows key and the R key simultaneously

  • This will bring up the Run dialog.
  • RUN Dialog window
  • Type or paste “\\ist-deptfs1.ad.bu.edu\ssw_shared\” (omit the quotation marks) or the entire folder path if you know it.
  • Click OK or press Enter.
This will bring up the root folder of our shared files.  From there, you can navigate to the folder of your choice.