Digital Sender

If you have access to the server SSW IT highly recommends the folder option \\ssw-b\ssw\SSW Distribution\sender\.  It makes things easier to access and keeps your email from getting clogged up.

While scanning documents, please make sure of the following:

  • NO STAPLES – make sure there are no pages stapled together in the original
  • NO WHITE OUT – if you have used white out on a document, please make a copy and use that page instead
  • NO FOOD – this will help keep the scanner working for a long time to come

Digital Sender

When scanning, be sure to name the file to help identify the it when you go to use it. Move or copy the file from the sender folder. Make sure you delete only your files when deleting the scans.

By default, the sender will send files as lower resolution, Black & White PDFs. Please be sure to change this setting if you require higher quality and/or color.