Conant Lounge


Are you using the DVD/VHS or do you need a remote KEYBOARD or MOUSE?

If so, then get the key from the main office to open the media cabinet.  In the cabinet is the DVD/VHS unit.  The computer has a wireless keyboard, mouse and presentation remote.


(This will turn on the projector)

  • For DVD/VHS press “VIDEO
  • For COMPUTER press “PC


  • Press power
  • Select Device (DVD or VHS)
  • Insert Media, press play
  • Adjust volume on the wall controls


  • Turn on the computer using the power button on the side of the computer power button
  • Log in using your BU login and password (please be patient, as it will take a minute or two to set up your profile)
  • You will have access to all SSW network resources you normally have.  You may also insert a CD/DVD or a flash drive
  • Adjust volume on the wall controls.  If you are having volume trouble, see the volume controls on the bottom right corner of the screen.
  • Log off when you finish using the computer (be sure to save any work to an external source, as it will be erased otherwise).

FINISHED? Please turn off the projector by holding down either the VIDEO or PC button.


If the projector is on, but not showing the computer, try pressing VIDEO then PC.

Still have trouble? Please request help.