Policies and Security

SSWIT values information and data security. The Boston University Computing Web Policies page has information on the following security subjects:

In addition to these policies, SSW IT would like to focus on the following:


Never give your kerberos password to anyone! Do not write it down or send it electronically. Each individual at BU has a unique login and it is crucial to information security that this information is not shared. SSWIT will help you establish safe/secure methods for collaborative work and data sharing. Please request help for assistance.

Remote Access

If you use SSW computing resources at home or at a computer not on the BU network, please make sure that you never save your login and password, and that unauthorized individuals do not have access to the computer while you are connected.


Unless explicitly stated, all computing equipment is property of the School, and may be reclaimed/reassigned at any time by SSW IT.  Equipment purchased by grants is to be used only for work specified on that grant, and upon the expiration of that grant’s term, becomes property of the School.