SSW File Storage Migration Project: Phase 1

At 5PM on Wednesday, 9/22/2010, SSWIT will begin the first phase of a migration of files from our server to a new storage space.  From this time until 10 AM, Thursday 9/23, files may be able to be read, but not written to the server.  If you must work on documents stored on the server, please copy/save them locally, and then move them to the new location

Please note the following changes from this phase of the project:

All files located at \\ssw-fs1\ssw\ will now be located at \\\dfs\ssw\shared\

  • Shortcuts to specific server folders will need to be updated or new shortcuts will need to be created
  • The P: and S: drives will change locations, but you will need to restart your computer for this change to take place, and this change may not work right away
  • Please note that the connection instructions (for windows and mac) have been updated, and are different

Please ensure that you update shortcuts and understand that the locations of files will change before you get help.

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