The solution to a Remote Desktop issue.

in IT, SSW, Troubleshooting
August 31st, 2009

As SSW embarks on it’s physical transformation, people occasionally have to work at home.  In my first year in my current role, I enabled all users to connect to their machine via remote desktop, so they could work from other locations, yet still have a familiar workspace and access to all of their files, settings, etc.

One particular user’s computer was being very stubborn, and it’s remote desktop capability ceased to function.  After numerous attempts to fix it, and various research, I found that it might be the result of two problems:

  1. .NET 3.0 being installed, and
  2. The graphics card drivers being out of whack

So, I updated the graphics card drivers, and removed .NET 3.0 (the user does no programing), and of course, this worked.

Very exciting times here at SSWIT!