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Dean Gail Steketee Honored with Lifetime Achievement Award

November 13th, 2014 in Faculty, SSW News Releases

11-4230-STEKETEE-0141-e1389886912500On November 6, 2014, the Mental Health Association for San Francisco awarded Dean and Professor Gail Steketee the Lifetime Achievement Award at its 16th annual International Conference on Hoarding and Cluttering.

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Daniel P. Miller Awarded the 2015 Society for Social Work and Research Excellence in Research Award

November 13th, 2014 in Events, Faculty, Research, SSW News Releases

Professor Dan Miller

On October 27, 2014, the Society for Social Work and Research announced the recipient of its Excellence in Research Award: BUSSW Assistant Professor Daniel P. Miller, PhD. In 2013, Miller’s article “Exposure to Childhood Neglect and Physical Abuse and Developmental Trajectories of Heavy Episodic Drinking From Early Adolescence into Young Adulthood,” authored alongside Sunny H. Shin and Martin H. Teicher, was published in Drug and Alcohol Dependence.

“In conferring the award, the Society recognizes your outstanding social work research that represents the highest of scientific standards and advances social work knowledge,” Society President Eddie Uehara, PhD, wrote in an announcement to Miller.

The Society established the Excellence in Research Award to recognize distinguished social work research that advances knowledge and has direct applications to practice, policy, and resolution of social problems.

To learn more about Miller’s research, click here.

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Associate Professor Hyeouk Chris Hahm Featured on BU’s New Research Website

October 28th, 2014 in Faculty, Research, SSW News Releases

Featured Researchers

On May 20, 2014, Boston University launched a new Research website to present BU professors’ research to the general public. The website includes Faculty Accolades, Researchers’ Videos, and Top Stories. The new website also includes a Featured Researchers page, highlighting BU’s leading researchers in various disciplines. Included in this group is Boston University School of Social Work Associate Professor Hyeouk Chris Hahm for her focus on HIV/STI infections among Asian Americans, acculturation, health risk behaviors including tobacco use, binge drinking, and sexual activity, and other social research.

Before the launch of the new website, BU professors and researchers were limited in platforms to discuss their work. “It’s very important because we don’t necessarily talk about [our research]. There’s no forum to introduce what I’m doing, what the BU researchers are doing on a daily basis,” Hahm told The Daily Free Press’ J.D. Capelouto. “This way, we can disseminate the ideas and what we are doing in the BU community. It’s a really important avenue to learn more about what we are doing as researchers.”

The website, developed in partnership with the Office of Marketing & Communications at Boston University, is currently in beta testing. “We look forward to feedback from the BU community to further improve it and best represent our research and scholarship in a way that is easily accessible to visitors to the site,” Vice President and Associate Provost for Research Gloria Waters told Capelouto.

Click here to read the full Daily Free Press article. More information about Associate Professor Hyeouk Chris Hahm and her research can be found online.

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2014 Alumni Association Awards

October 7th, 2014 in Alumni, Events, SSW News Releases

On September 20, 2014, BUSSW faculty, family, friends, co-workers, and peers gathered to recognize four outstanding individuals during the 2014 BUSSW Alumni Association Awards.

Outstanding Career in Social Work: Sally Johnson


Dorothy Bergold (’81) nominated Sally Johnson (’78), clinical social worker at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital and co-founder of BABIS, for the Outstanding Career in Social Work award.

“You can’t talk about BABIS without thinking of Sally,” Bergold said. “There is nobody more deserving to receive this award.”

“I’m so proud to be a social worker, and part of the BUSSW community,” Johnson said in her acceptance speech.


Outstanding Contributions to the Field of Social Work: Lisa Goldblatt-Grace


Deborah Putnam (MSW ’92, MPH ’94) and Rick Cresta (MSW ’93, MPH’ 94) nominated Lisa Goldblatt-Grace (MSW ’94, MPH ’95), co-founder and executive director of “My Life, My Choice,” for the Outstanding Contributions to the Field of Social Work award.

“This nomination came with such ease,” Putnam said. “It was not easy to find people to write on behalf of Lisa, it was VERY easy.”
“Lisa does not desire to take center stage, but she is incredibly powerful when she does,” Cresta added.

“I’m a really lucky woman to get to be a social worker,” Goldblatt-Grace said as she accepted her award. “I feel happily selfish because I love what I do.”


Hubie Jones Urban Service Award: Mojdeh Rohani 

10649837_10152321953732539_6283409004201592622_n Lee Staples and Dean Emeritus Hubie Jones presented the Hubie Jones Urban Service Award to Mojdeh Rohani (’99), co-director of the BRIDGE Program, and associate clinical director of the Community Legal Services and Counseling Center.

“I’ve never met an individual more worthy of the Hubie Jones Urban Service Award,” Staples said when discussing Rohani’s nomination. “You honor me by accepting this award,” Jones told Rohani as he helped present the award.

“To have role models like you, I’m so honored,” Rohani told Staples and Jones. “With your help, I will continue focusing on social justice because that’s what we stand for.”


Outstanding Contributions to the School of Social Work: Jennifer Grahek

10690145_10152321954927539_8644759582285917675_nMena daSilva-Clark nominated Online Program Administrator Jennifer Grahek for the Outstanding Contributions to the School of Social Work award.

“Winners of this award have an incredible commitment to the Boston University School of Social Work,” daSilva-Clark said. “We certainly couldn’t do the program without her.”

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BUSSW Ranked #13 Program in Online Guide, Best MSW Programs

October 1st, 2014 in Online Program, SSW News Releases

Boston University School of Social Work was recently ranked #13 program in the nation by the popular online guide, Best MSW Programs. The 2014-15 rankings on the site were announced last week.Screen Shot 2014-10-01 at 10.19.39 AM

Best MSW Programs examined over 230 social work programs across the country before putting together their list of the 50 best programs. In addition to consider rankings by U.S. News & World Report as well as The Gourman Report on Graduate Schools, Best MSW Programs considered specialization/concentration options and the presence of new and innovative approaches and ideas in determining their rankings.

To read the complete rankings, click here.

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Associate Professor Hyeouk Chris Hahm Discussed AWARE Study on VATV

September 16th, 2014 in Faculty, SSW News Releases


On September 10, 2014, Boston University School of Social Work Associate Professor Hyeouk Chris Hahm, PhD, appeared on VATV: Vietnamese American Initiative for Development. Hahm discussed her new study titled Asian Women’s Action for Resilience and Empowerment (AWARE), which is part of the Asian-American Women’s Health Initiative Project. VATV is a bilingual television program connecting Vietnamese America Communities and the larger Boston community to create better understanding and friendships between the two.

As Hahm explained in her appearance, Asian-American women are highly achieved and highly successful. However, they are suffering from higher risks of depression and suicide. “We have a problem and we need to deal with the problem. We need to provide appropriate services specifically for Asian American Women.” Hahm told VATV host Mary Truong. “Unfortunately, there are no specific modules or sessions for them.”

The AWARE study is comprised of ten group therapy sessions as well as daily messages of encouragement. Hahm and her team face many challenges, including the stigma and shame surrounding mental health in Asian American populations. However, Hahm uses her patients’ positive experiences as motivation to continue. She recalls the emotional reaction she had to the following response created by an AWARE participant:

Through AWARE, my eyes and heart are open. Through AWARE I can understand my parents better. Through AWARE I hope to become a happy person. Because of AWARE I know that I am not useless. Because of AWARE I know that I deserve love.”

In order to test the efficacy, feasibility, and safety, Hahm is going to test AWARE intervention using Randomized Clinical Trial (RCT) with bigger sample size in 2015. Hahm hopes this study will positively impact mental health, substance abuse and sexual health problems faced by Asian American women. Her goal is to one day make it available nationally.

Hahm’s full VATV appearance may be viewed below. More information about Hahm’s AWARE program can be found online.

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BUSSW to Host Idealist Grad Fair on September 29

September 11th, 2014 in Events, SSW News Releases

Idealist-logo-09The Boston University School of Social Work will host the Boston Idealist Grad Fair on September 29, 2014 from 5:00 to 8:00 p.m., at the George Sherman Union, 2nd Floor, 775 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston, MA, 02215. The free event connects perspective students with graduate school programs in the social impact space. Attendees have the opportunity to connect with representatives and admissions officers from 174 national and international graduate schools.

“Attending an idealist graduate fair is an incredible and unique opportunity because it allows you to meet representatives from many of the schools you may already be interested in, and allows you to learn about schools you haven’t considered before, all in one big event forum.” Katie-Ann Mason, BUSSW’s Admissions Officer said. “These fairs are valuable tools for students at all stages of the search process.”

When attending the Boston Idealist Grad Fair, be prepared. Research the list of exhibitors, which can be viewed here, to gain a better sense of who you would like to visit. Also, remember to be specific with your questions, be professional, and bring copies of your resume with you.

To save time, Mason also suggests bringing your business card and labels with your contact information on them. “Having labels and business cards shows how professional and organized you can be. You can stick your contact labels on contact cards and lists that various schools have at their tables. These cards allow schools to send you more information.”

Click here to register for the free event. For more information about Idealist Grad Fair, visit the Idealist website.

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Students Provide Tips and Insights in New BUSSW Video

September 11th, 2014 in SSW News Releases, Students

BUSSW is more than a school, it is a tight-knit community. That’s why this year BUSSW students were eager to offer insights and tips to their incoming BUSSW colleagues.

Do you have any other insights for BUSSW students? Connect with us on Twitter, Facebook, or Youtube and let us know!

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Associate Professor Donna McLaughlin Invited to Join the Wiley Deltak Faculty Fellows Program

September 11th, 2014 in Faculty, SSW News Releases

Donna-McIn September, 2014, Associate Professor and Group Work Specialization Program Coordinator Donna McLaughlin was invited to join the The Wiley Deltak Faculty Fellows Program. The program recognizes a small group of distinguished educators from Wiley’s partnered online programs. During the two-year term, Fellows will learn from like-minded educators and share their insights with Wiley and Deltak to foster innovation and education.

The program began in 2013 with 10 members. This year, another 10, including McLaughlin, joined. Fellows are chosen because of their work to promote excellence in teaching. Click here to learn more about McLaughlin’s experience, research, awards, honors and more.

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BUSSSW Alumni Eugene Dawson (SSW ’66) Awarded Presidential Leadership Award for Distinguished Service by the Colorado Gerontological Society

September 2nd, 2014 in Alumni, SSW News Releases

The Colorado Gerontological Society awarded Eugene “Gene” Dawson (SSW ’66) the first Presidential Leadership Award for Distinguished Service at its annual “Salute to Seniors” Ceremony in May.

The award is now titled the Eugene Dawson Presidential Leadership Award, honoring Dawson’s years of service. It will be awarded annually to esteemed recipients making extraordinary contributions to older Colorado citizens and their families.

Dawson credits Lewis Lowy for inspiring him to pursue a career in gerontological services. During the past 47 years, Dawson has served as an educator, administrator and practitioner in the field of aging services.

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