Waiver Information

Introduction to Clinical Practice with Individuals, Groups and Families CP 759

The CP 759 waiver exam tests competence in working with individuals, families and groups. Interested students must

  • provide evidence of direct social work practice experience;
  • complete two course assignments: (1) a Biopsychosocial Assessment of a client or client system (group, family) including the development of a formulation and intervention goals; and (2)  a Plan for the development of a client mutual aid group within an agency setting. The group can be clinical (e.g., a support group for survivors of sexual abuse) or macro (e.g., a task oriented group for tenants in a housing project). Case material is provided by the student based on clients the student has worked with in direct social work practice in his/her setting.  Students who have competence with individuals and families but are less confident about their skills in group work methods should discuss this with the department chairperson prior to taking the exam. Such students may be required to enroll in the group work section of the course and attend all group work sessions along with other entering students. (If necessary, this can be done without paying course credit costs.)

Contact department chairperson, Professor Maryann Amodeo (mamodeo@bu.edu), or department secretary, Cathie Rocheleau (crochel@bu.edu), to obtain a copy of the course syllabus and set a date for exam completion. Books for this exam are listed on the syllabus; readings are available at Mugar Library under SSW CP-759 or through the Course Info site.  Following the exam, students must return materials loaned to them by the department. If completed over the summer, the exam must be submitted no later than August 15. For part-time students, the exam may be completed at any time during the academic year.

If you waived out of CP 759, you must take an advanced clinical practice elective in its place.