Online Students

Welcome to Boston University School of Social Work (BUSSW) Online MSW Program (OLP). You have an exciting and challenging year ahead, and we look forward to guiding you through your graduate education at BUSSW. We realize that entering graduate school is a big commitment; we are happy to assist you. The following information will help you prepare to enter the program.

Important Information

Pre-Entrance Reading Requirement for New Students

In response to the needs of diverse populations and in recognition of the role of race and ethnicity in meeting human needs, BUSSW requires incoming students to read the following:

  • All Souls: Family Story from Southie. (Ballantine Reader’s Circle) Paperback by Michael Patrick MacDonald, 1999. (ISBN-10: 034544177X or ISBN-13: 978-0345441775).

The book and article will be discussed in your first Integrative Seminar in the Online Campus. This book can be purchased through most book vendors. The following discussion questions will help prepare you for the diversity discussion. All Souls Discussion Questions

Contact Us

We provide many supports to our MSW online students, so help is always only a phone call or email away. Your two major supports for this program will be your student services coordinator from the Office of Distance Education and the School of Social Work Online Program administrator. The information below outlines how each support can be a help to you.

Senior Student Services Coordinator Emily Heffernan, Office of Distance Education Office: (617)358-6444 /Toll Free: (888)835-5334 Emily will assist you throughout the program to help you with setting up your BU login account and email, registration, course materials, Online Campus Orientation, disability services, and other Boston University resources.

Online Program Administrator Jennifer Grahek, School of Social Work Office: 617-358-2466 Email: Jen will be your resource for program planning, academic policies and graduation requirements, and she will serve as your primary contact for the School of Social Work. Jen will also inform you of news and events from the School of Social Work and connect you with School of Social Work faculty and staff.