Technology Tips

Getting Help

For general technology questions, please see TechWeb. For help with SSW-specific services, please contact the IT Help Center.


Accessing Blackboard

Course content is available at For more information or to get help, please see the Blackboard Learn section of TechWeb.

Using Blackboard: find your class syllabus, etc.

Select “Course Documents” from the list along the left side of the page for access to your syllabus.

  • There may be more than one file within Course Documents if more than one professor is teaching the course. Select the appropriate file.
  • If there is no syllabus, check “Announcement.”

The “Communication Center” has some interesting features used in some classes.


BU graduate students are allocated 500 sheets of printing per semester through MyPrint. Undergraduates are allocated 100 sheets per semester.

Several MyPrint locations are available around campus. Mugar Library is often the easiest place to handle a large volume of documents.

Print quota

You can check your quota balance and purchase more credit with convenience points Cost per page equivalents can be found here.