Technology Tips

Getting Help

For general technology questions, please see TechWeb. For help with SSW-specific services, please contact School of Social Work Information Technology (SSWIT).


Accessing Blackboard

Course content is available at For more information or to get help, please see the Blackboard Learn section of TechWeb.

Using Blackboard: find your class syllabus, etc.

Select “Course Documents” from the list along the left side of the page for access to your syllabus.

  • There may be more than one file within Course Documents if more than one professor is teaching the course. Select the appropriate file.
  • If there is no syllabus, check “Announcement.”

The “Communication Center” has some interesting features used in some classes.

Printing from the correct toolbar

Why do toolbars matter? They are where you find the “Print File” function. (It’s either written out in words or uses a picture of a printer, depending on the toolbar.) When you open a document in PDF format, you may have two toolbars to choose from. One toolbar is at the top of the screen (the web browser’s toolbar). The other is within a box created by a program like Adobe, for instance, which displays the document you want. This box has its own toolbar. Use this one to print.

Not all toolbars have print functions on them!

You discover you are looking at a document you want to print whose toolbar has no print function. Take a deep breath and close the document or hit “Back” to return to the page in “Course Documents” that shows the link for the document you want.

  • Click on the link, but instead of opening it, select “Save” to save the document on the hard drive. If you are at a public computer, you can save it there temporarily.
  • Open the document from its saved location and print it. (Consider buying a thumb drive to save onto. This is not an endorsement, but Radio Shack is across the street from Marsh Chapel.) Suggestion: tie your thumb drive to your key chain or backpack. Thumb drives are very easy to leave behind, with sanity-destroying consequences.

A few more words on printing

BU graduate students are entitled to 500 sheets of printing per year through MyPrint. Undergraduates are entitled to 100 pages of printing per year through MyPrint. It is possible to exceed this limit, especially if you are a work-study student and your professor asks you to print out documents.

Where to print stuff:

  • Several MyPrint locations are available around campus. BU Common @ Mugar is often the easiest place to handle a large volume of documents.
  • The basement of the SSW building is where you’ll find printers closest to your classrooms. (This is handy when finishing papers.)

Print quota

You can check how many pages you have left in your quota of 500 sheets of printing per year at (see the “My Balance” box at the top of the page). Nothing’s worse than going to print out that final paper minutes before class and finding you can’t because you have exceeded your quota … yes, it has happened.

Adding pages to your quota

You can purchase additional printing for 8 cents per page using convenience points.