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Welcome to the Boston University School of Social Work Off-Campus Programs Information Central where you can access a variety of information pertinent to your program. Please contact us at if there is any additional information that may be of help to you or if you have any questions.

Campus Information and Locations

Curriculum and Program Plans

Off-Campus Program students follow a standard program plan (65 credits/8 consecutive semesters). The curriculum at our Off-Campus Programs is identical to the curriculum offered at the Charles River Campus.

Exploring Social Work Competencies

Educational Program Plans

A program plan is the academic structure and schedule of courses. OCP students are required to follow a standard program plan. Students contemplating a change of program should consult their advisor and make a written request to the director of their program.

BU North-Bedford Campus Standard Program Plan
Fall River Campus Standard Program Plan
Cape Cod Campus Standard Program Plan

Course Descriptions


Advising and Field Education

Students are assigned to an advisor when they enter the program and students keep their same advisor throughout their enrollment. Advisors are available for consultation, problem solving and advocacy on a range of issues, and also serve as the field liaison. Off campus program directors provide academic support to students, program planning and field placement coordination.

Field Education is a dynamic and integral part of the curriculum at Boston University School of Social Work. Field Education provides students with opportunities to apply what they learn in the classroom to actual practice in social work and other human service settings.

Registration and Student Accounting

Student Accounting Services
Student Accounting Services is responsible for billing students and processing payments for your academic endeavors and some University-related activities.


Registration is held in November for the Spring Semester, in March for the Summer Semester, and in April for the Fall Semester. Incoming students’ registration is ongoing from May to August.

Registration information is sent to students electronically. Students register for courses via the Student Link. OCP students must follow their program plan. Students needing modifications to their program plan should contact their program director.

Please be sure to register for the appropriate courses, as listed below for your class and campus via the Student Link.

FAQs about Registration

Educational Program Plans



Tutoring and Writing Resources

BUSSW offers a variety of resources for students including a free Online Tutoring service and tutors.

Library Information

There are 12 libraries at the University. Mugar Memorial Library is the primary library at BU for study, teaching, and research in the humanities and social sciences. Most of the materials related to social work are in this library.

The University has an extensive collection of books and journals online and in the library. If you require special help doing research, the School has its own library liaison:

Meredith Kirkpatrick

Library Information

Resources Available at the Off-Campus sites:

One copy of each required textbook is available on site and additional course readings are available electronically via the Mugar Library course reserves.

At Cape Cod Community College the Wilkens Cape Cod Community College (CCCC) Library is open during the week.

Off-Campus Seminars

The Off-Campus Program Integrative Seminar spans the three years that students are enrolled in the program, and its focus follows the learning tasks students encounter at different stages in the program. The first year, the seminar provides an introduction to social work roles, values, and ethics; a review of the field placement process; and preparing for the foundation field internship. During the second year, the seminar focus is on expectations for the foundation field internship, the advanced field placement process, and preparation for the advanced field internship. In the final year, the seminar focus is on expectations for the advanced internship, portfolio review, social work career and licensing information, transitions, and endings.

Year I Incoming Students Seminar

  • Overview of the MSW program
  • Cohort education
  • Professional social work role and identity
  • The social work code of ethics
  • Behavioral standards for students
  • Supports offered to students
  • The advising process
  • The field placement process

Year II Foundation Seminar

  • Overview and preparation for the foundation-year field placement
  • Focus on orientation to the agency
  • The learning contract
  • Process recording
  • The field education evaluation process
  • Supports offered to students in the field

Year III Advanced Seminar

  • The MSW student experience
  • Graduation review
  • Portfolio philosophy
  • Identify and articulate strengths
  • Professional identity, role, and responsibilities
  • Identifying career goals
  • Transitions and endings
  • Social work licensing
  • The job search process

Course Material Information

Each course has a Blackboard Learn site. Instructors post syllabus and other pertinent information on the blackboard sites. Prior to the beginning of each semester, students are sent a course material memo with information on purchasing texts, and accessing the supplemental course readings. Please review this information as soon as it is provided.  Textbooks should be ordered and purchased prior to the beginning of the semester. Supplemental course readings are available via the Mugar Library, Course Reserves, or the course Blackboard site. Students are expected to complete reading assignments one week ahead of each class.

Barnes & Noble University Bookstore

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Other Links

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Technology Resources

Computing Resources

BU offers a variety of technology and information services to support students.

  • TechWeb
    A resource for all computing resources at the University
  • IT Help Center
    A free resource dedicated to helping Boston University’s students, faculty, and academic staff use their computers effectively with consulting services and tutorials
  • IT Help Center—Purchasing
    An online store for computers, software, peripherals, and accessories

    Information Services

    Students access Blackboard to get course syllabi (with the lists of required books to purchase). Teachers post links to web-based content here and leave messages about assignments for students to read.

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