Field Placement Options

Standard Concurrent Placement

  • Standard concurrent placement runs from mid-September through the first week in May.
  • Students enrolled in the foundation year are in the field 16 hours/week, and students in the advanced year are in the field 24 hours/week.
  • Under certain circumstances, students may arrange schedules that might include limited evening hours.
  • Any alternative scheduling must meet School and agency approval and cannot conflict with the student’s class schedule.
  • Modified arrangement must allow for the student to participate in the “life of the agency,” e.g., staff meetings, case conferences, in-service training.
  • The standard concurrent placement arrangement is used by the majority of students.
  • In some situations, advanced year, students may opt to do a concurrent placement that begins in January or May and runs through August or December respectively.
  • Students interested in this variation of the concurrent placement should talk with their Faculty Advisor and have an amended program plan approved by the OCP administration.

Modified Block Placement

  • Students entering the advanced year may do their placement in a block format of 28, 32, or 36 hours/week for 26, 22.5, or 20 weeks respectively.
  • The concurrency requirement of method courses must be met.

Twelve-Month Extended Placement

(January to January; May to May; or September to September)

  • Students in the advanced year have the option of completing fieldwork over a 12-month period rather than nine months.
  • There is a minimum requirement of 16 hours/week in placement.
  • Students choosing the 12-month placement need to arrange their academic course schedule so that they enroll in methods courses concurrent with field placement.
  • Off-campus students often choose the option of a May to May or September to September placement although this may restrict choice of agency availability.

Employer Agency Placement

  • This option permits students to do one placement at their place of employment, provided that the placement meets specific criteria.
  • These criteria are outlined in the Guidelines for Employer Agency Placements, which is available from the Field Education Department.
  • Students must discuss plans for this option with their Faculty Advisor.
  • A written proposal must be submitted to the OCP administration for review.
  • Advanced Standing Students are not eligible to enroll in an employer agency placement.

Planning to do a field placement at your place of employment?

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