In order to meet graduation requirements students must take the following electives:

  • One Human Behavior Elective
  • One Social Welfare Policy Elective
  • One Advanced Clinical Elective
  • Three Additional Electives

Students vote as a cohort for the following electives:

  • One HB elective taken summer of first year
  • One Social Welfare Policy Elective taken summer of second year
  • One Advanced Clinical Practice elective taken fall of last year

The following courses are offered as electives under the specified categories:

  • HB 723 Adult Psychopathology – (summer of second year)
  • CP 803 Clinical Practice with Adult Trauma – (fall of final year)
  • CP 809 Alcohol and Drug Abuse – (spring of final year)

Voting for Electives

Some fof the electives are pre-determined for Off-Campus Programs. A student can always take an elective at the Boston campus should the cohort vote for an elective in which the student is not interested.

Course Descriptions