Purchasing Books

Prior to each semester, OCP students will receive a list of required texts for their courses. Boston University contracts with Barnes & Noble at BU to sell books for all its courses.

If you purchase texts through another vendor please be sure that you have the correct ISBN and the correct edition.

Please do not purchase the SR 744 text bundle via another vendor

  • Textbooks for the entire semester should be purchased before the semester begins.
  • Textbooks are purchased via the Barnes & Noble website and are shipped to the students – there is a shipping charge.
  • Students can visit the bookstore in Boston at 660 Beacon Street, Kenmore Square, Boston, MA.
  • Students experiencing difficulty with book orders should contact Bishah at 617-236-7433.
  • Books cannot be delivered to Post Office boxes.

Rent Texts

BUSSW Online Book Sale

Other Links

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