Electronic Devices

Use of Electronic Devices in the Classroom

Computers may be used to support the learning activities in the classroom, with the permission of the instructor. These include activities such as taking notes and accessing course readings under discussion. However, nonacademic use of laptops and other devices are distracting and seriously disrupt the learning process for everyone. Neither computers nor other electronic devices are to be used in the classroom for nonacademic reasons. This includes emailing, texting, social networking, and use of the Internet. The use of cell phones during class time is prohibited.  Please turn off cell phones and refrain from taking calls unless you are “on call” and have cleared this with the instructor prior to class.

Under such circumstances, please put your phone on vibrate, sit close to a door, and step out of the room to take the call.

Audio Taping of Classes

A Massachusetts statute, MGL c. 272 section 99, prohibits the taping of any oral communication without notice to all parties involved. It is important, therefore, that any taping of classroom proceedings (e.g., for the benefit of absent students or as a study aid to all students) occurs only with effective prior notice to all.

Class lectures at BUSSW are not routinely audio taped, but occasionally a student or faculty member may wish to do so. In the event that a specific class session is to be taped (e.g., for a student who will be absent for that session), the faculty member should notify students at the beginning of the class that the session will be taped. If a course will be audio taped throughout the semester (e.g., as an academic accommodation for a student with a documented disability or for other educational purposes) the faculty member will inform students (in the course syllabus or in a written communication) that the class lectures will be taped.