Course Assignments

Students are expected to complete written assignments for each class by their respective due dates. Due to the fast pace of the OCP classes, it is important that students complete the assignments by their due dates.

Off-campus faculty may give students up to two weeks to submit assignments following the completion of a course. Faculty has four weeks from the last day of classes to submit the grades to the registrar.

Writing Style and References

Students are expected to follow the editorial and reference standards set out in the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (2010). The School has prepared a helpful BUSSW APA Style Guide.

For a tutorial go to:

Incomplete Grades

A student who cannot complete the assignments for a course must initiate an incomplete grade dialogue with the instructor before the final class. Individual instructors can refuse to grant a grade of Incomplete. The Incomplete Grade Contract can be found here.

A student who does not submit to the registrar a negotiated Incomplete Grade Contract with the instructor will receive a grade of F for the course. Students must resolve incomplete grades by the agreed-upon contract date. An incomplete grade will be changed to a grade of F by the instructor if the student fails to complete work by the contract date. A student must successfully complete a prerequisite course to continue in the next course in the sequence.