Disability Accommodations and Resources

Director of Student Services Cate Solomon (617-353-5607) is the School of Social Work’s Disability Service advisor. Cate is available to discuss physical, learning, attention, and psychiatric disabilities, as well as chronic illness and medication side effects that may affect one’s academic abilities. While some disabilities are documentable and will allow you to access legal accommodations through the University’s Disability Office, others affect your academic life but are not as readily documented. You are not required to but are encouraged to meet with Cate to discuss your thoughts and feelings about if, how, and why you might disclose your disability to your academic and field instructors.

Registering with Disability Services gives you the option to receive services and/or legally mandated accommodations if a need arises. If you have a disability that you can document, you may want to consider registering with Boston University Disability Services located in Kenmore Square:

19 Deerfield Street (2nd Floor)
Boston, Massachusetts 02215
Phone: 617-353-3658 (V/TTY)
Fax: 617-353-9646

It is your decision how you will handle your communication about your disability during your academic and professional career. It is recommended that you look through the following material as it may also help you decide what is best for you.

    Another resource is the BU Psychological Services Center

    Offering testing for psychological & learning disabilities; sliding scale available