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Written Assignments: Style and References

Papers written for graduate courses are expected to include references to relevant literature. The School expects reference use to comport with the standards set out in the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association Sixth edition. Additional resources are listed below:

All Students: The BUSSW APA Style Guide: A Writing Reference for Social Work Students contains tips on basic formatting and a summary of APA guidelines for citing sources in your papers. For help how to best read for your courses, please see the SSW Guide to Critical Reading.

SSW Writing Tutor

Diana Lynch is the SSW Writing Tutor. She provides assistance to any student in the SSW who needs help with her/his academic writing tasks. For many students this means help only in editing a final draft of a paper. For others, organizing the content and using appropriate style and grammar are problems. Diana is available to assist at any step of the writing process—from tips on effective reading and note taking to the final draft.

When signing up for remote hours of tutoring, you are signing up for tutoring that is to be conducted over Skype, or through a telephone call. A remote tutoring session requires that you attach your paper in an email and send it to in order the tutoring session to take place.

Scheduling Appointments:

Please use the Google calendar link to schedule all appointments.  Please indicate in the calendar which you will need, a remote session of tutoring, or an on campus tutoring session.

Click Here to Open the Calendar

* Please book your remote tutoring session at least 24 hours in advance. This will provide time to solve any technological issues that may occur, that may prevent the appointment altogether.

* Please book your on campus tutoring session at least 12 hours in advance. Email will not be used to book appointments. If booking remotely, please be ready to use Skype.  Skype can be downloaded for free.

 * Book in advance.  If you know you have an assignment due in two weeks, book your appointment now!

One Appointment per week: There is a one appointment per week limit (including walk-in appointments).

Late Cancellations: You have up to 9 hours ahead of your appointment time in which to cancel. Please email Diana concerning the cancellation.

No Shows: You will receive a WARNING notice if you fail to attend a scheduled appointment. After two no shows, you will be asked not to request time with the writing tutor for that semester.

 Walk-in Policy:  Students working on a paper may walk-in for an appointment. Go directly to Diana’s office, within the Welcoming Center, Room 107 and inquire about a free time block that she has available.

Lateness: Students who are expecting to be late for their appointment should inform Diana of their expected arrival by email or 617-501-4235. Students who do not inform Diana and are 15 minutes late for their appointment, may have their appointment cancelled and given to anyone currently waiting for a walk-in.

What to Bring:

  • Your assignment sheet
  • A hard copy of your current draft, earlier drafts, and any relevant notes
  •  Your thoughts about how to improve your paper
  •  An open mind and willingness to respond to the tutor
  •  Documents or comments about your writing from your instructor

What to Expect During a Writing Appointment:

  •  An encouraging and supportive environment for talking about your writing
  •  Assistance from a trained writing tutor
  • A one-on-one session devoted to your writing
  • Someone to respond to your writing with questions who will take your thinking and writing seriously

 What Not to Expect During a Writing Appointment:

  •   Someone to merely edit or proofread your work
  •  Someone to evaluate or grade your work
  •  Someone fully knowledgeable about the content of your course
  • Someone who is responsible for the outcome of your paper

Office Hours—Room 107
Monday         12 p.m.- 1 p.m. remote  5 p.m.- 7 p.m. on campus
Wednesday    11 a.m.- 3 p.m. on campus SSW room 107
Thursday        3 p.m.- 9 p.m. remote
Saturday         Noon–4 p.m.   via remote

You may contact her in the following ways:

  • By Office Visit
    Just drop in if no one is signed up at that time.
  • By Appointment
    Sign up by appointment calendar: Click here
  • By E-mail:
  • By Skype: dirose75

Please email, drop off, or fax your papers two days before your appointment. She has a mailbox in the main office. Always include a copy of the assignment.

By Fax—617-353-5612
If you cannot drop off or email your assignments, you may need to fax them.

Off-Campus and Online Program Students

  1. Sign up by appointment calendar: Click here
  2. Email your papers and the assignments two days before your  appointment.
  3. Please include a phone number in case Diana may need to contact you for a telephone consultation

The consultation will focus on correction/comments. (Remember that consultations can be scheduled only during office hours on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday. Friday or Saturday.)

SSW Research Tutor

Charles River and Off-Campus Programs:

Alison Drew, a doctoral student in the Sociology and Social Work Doctoral Program, is the Research Tutor.  Her office is Room B41 on the 270 side of the BUSSW.  She is available by appointment, and there is a weekly sign-up sheet posted outside her office door when classes are in session.  She can also be reached by telephone (617-353-0264) or by email.

Online Program:

Tutoring during the research courses is provided by the course facilitator (section instructor).

BU CRC Writing Resources

Online Writing Resources