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Looking for a job? Below are some job databases and resources that are helpful for social workers as well as information regarding salary.

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Head Hunters

Job placement agencies, or “head hunters,” are professional placement agents hired to find workers to fill particular positions. Generally, the agency fees are paid by the hiring organization. Placement agencies eliminate the administrative busywork and the screening process involved in hiring a new employee. Few social service agencies can afford to hire a recruiter to do this work, and they handle the hiring process themselves. Consequently, there are few social service agencies in existence. You should be aware that placement agencies paid by employers to hire a new employee have the agency’s interests in mind, and not necessarily yours. Ask lots of questions. On the other hand, you should question any agency that asks you to pay for them to find you a job. Beware! You may find they can offer only a handful of opportunities, they cannot meet your needs, and you will be out hundreds of dollars.

Temporary Employment Agencies

Agencies that specialize in temporary work in social services generally place social workers to cover for permanent workers who are out sick, on maternity leave, or on vacation. These agencies will also call social workers to fill in for shifts when regular employers call in and are unavailable. Although Boston University and the School of Social Work cannot endorse the services of Arbor Associates, Delta-T Group, Lighthouse StaffingRelief Resources, or Social Work p.r.n., several graduates have engaged in successful temporary work for these agencies during their job searches.

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