Sample Letter Requesting Informational Interview

878 Oak Grove
Boston, MA 0221

February 23, 2004

Lanark Andrew, Director
Children’s and Youth Services
123 Callahan Street
Boston, MA 02216
Dear Ms. or Mr. Andrew:* (* Call the agency and find out the contact person’s full name. This is more effective than using Dear Sir/Madam)

My name is Karen Donough, and I will be completing the MSW program at Boston University in May. I received your name from Joan DeKnows at Children and Family Services West. She recommended you as a valuable resource to someone who is interested in protective services. I am hoping you might be willing to set up an informational interview at your convenience. I would be happy to come to the agency to meet with you or to interview by phone if that would be more convenient for you.

I am particularly interested in your own job search and career path, how you chose child protection and Children’s and Youth Services, and what you feel are the advantages and disadvantages of working for a private versus public agency. My current field placement is with the Department of Social Services, but I would like to explore other possibilities in this area. I have enclosed a copy of my resume so you can see the kind of work I have done. You can reach me at 617-783-0999 if you would like or I can call within the next two weeks to see whether we will be able to meet. Thank you in advance for your time.

Karen Donough