Project History and Activities

Suicide Education Assessment Project (SEAP)

  • Comprehensive organizational audit of BUSSW system for SPI-related activities and curriculum content including:
    • Key informant interviews with faculty, agency representatives, students and community experts
    • Content analyses of all BUSSW syllabi
    • Surveys of MSW current students and field supervisors
    • University-wide review of all SPI research, activities and resources

Suicide Education Enhancement Project (SEEP)

  • Comprehensive system-wide training initiative, still in process, including:
    • Faculty and student-agency fellowships (training and research support)
    • Alumni and professional development training and initiatives
    • Development of teaching resources (videos, case examples, web resources)
    • Three research projects including a national assessment of SPI training issues from MSW Deans/Directors perspectives; a companion Israeli Deans/Directors Survey and a Massachusetts Faculty Perspectives on SPI Training qualitative study.

Suicide Education Enhancement Project 2 (SEEP2)

  • SEEP2 began April 2009; will run through Sept 2009.
  • Three components:
    • Building a “faculty training corps” of six faculty trained as trainers (AMSR, QPRT)
    • Extending the qualitative MSW Faculty study to include a quantitative survey sent to all MSW faculty nationally
    • Hosting one cross-school meeting in September 2009 for all interested MSW programs to increase collaboration on SPI