Education and Faculty Development Initiatives

Professional Education Programs (PEP)

PEP workshops included two SPRC evidence–supported “Assessing and Managing Suicide Risk” trainings to 41 participants

  • A “First Thursday” alumni event featuring three alumni involved in suicide prevention; over 50 attended;
  • Faculty Adviser/Field Supervisor Suicide Education Series: over 100 field supervisors attended four free lectures throughout spring 2008 with well known experts on suicide;
  • PEP2GO on SPI: SEEP sponsored two experts to create a 3-CE home education courses for PEP on “Public health approaches to suicide prevention and intervention for social workers”

Faculty Development Fellowships


  • To enhance faculty knowledge of suicide prevention and intervention;
  • To assist faculty members from diverse departments at BUSSW in developing curriculum materials;
  • To plan for the integration of these materials and resources into a variety of courses;
  • To disseminate resources and serve as faculty educators to other faculty through a variety of mechanisms such as departmental meetings and colloquium participation.

Five faculty members, representing eight departments/institutes participated. They received 15+ hours of training; attended one national and/or one state conference; developed departmental resource kits; participated in evaluation activities; had access to course info site with literature and materials.

Other general education initiatives

  • Voices of students project: awareness campaign for/by MSW students using poetry, photography, graphics and self-reflection;
  • Student conference scholarships: 6 additional students were sponsored to attend statewide SPI conference in May;
  • Videotaping project: six trainers were filmed by BU productions, creating a video library for faculty on SPI
  • Support of other initiatives: e.g. Sargent and campus wide SPI grant application and Israeli deans study
  • Funded internships at Samaritans: began Fall 2008 and continuing for 2009-2010
  • Hurwitz Lecture: featured Dr. Jack Jordan, who spoke on effects of suicide on family systems and family bereavement following suicide, October 2008