The Relapse Prevention Initiative: Trauma Counseling Services to Drug Users

SSW Investigator(s):

Lena Lundgren, PhD (PI), Maryann Amodeo, PhD (Co-PI)

Major Outside Collaborators:

Casa Esperanza

Funding Source:

Center for Substance Abuse Treatment (CSAT), Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) for years 2004–2009

Project Description:

This five-year longitudinal research effort measures the effectiveness of adding Trauma Recovery Group Treatment and Comprehensive Aftercare Services to existing Casa Esperanza residential drug treatment services. Casa Esperanza serves homeless Latinos in the Boston area who are struggling with substance abuse and dependency. The addition of these services allows clients access to supportive services that are essential to maintaining recovery from drugs and alcohol. Specifically, the study will identify whether the intervention resulted in: (1) reduced client drug and alcohol relapse rates (as measured through a drug and alcohol use scale from the CSAT GPRA Client Outcome Measures for Discretionary Programs; (2) increased number of clients finding permanent housing; (3) improved psychological and emotional well-being (as assessed by the ASI mental health score and the Dissociative Experiences Scale score will be used); and (4) increased family stability.