Peter Paul Career Development Professorship

SSW Investigator(s):

Marah A. Curtis, PhD

Funding Source:

Boston University

Project Description:

The Peter Paul Career Development Professorship is awarded to outstanding newly hired faculty across the University. Dr. Curtis will use this funding to pursue her research focusing on how income-conditioned public benefits affect families. Often families are eligible for and receive a number of subsidies or benefits, each with varying eligibility criteria, earnings calculations, and household composition requirements. These programs in turn affect core decisions about whom a person can live with, whether and what type of employment they will seek, and many other choices families make. These choices directly affect the environment in which children are being raised and their outcomes. Benefit policies, however, do not occur in isolation; they operate on people’s lives through local area environments and labor markets. Dr. Curtis’ research will attempt to account for these macro environmental factors, as well as the specificity of a particular benefit policy.