The Boston Geriatric Education Model (GEM) Consortium

SSW Investigator(s):

Scott Miyake Geron, MSW, PhD; Trudy Zimmerman, MSW; Reeve Goldhaber, MSW, LICSW; Robert Hudson, PhD; Kathy Kuhn, MSW, LICSW

Funding Source:

New York Academy of Medicine

Project Description:

BUSSW was awarded $75,000 from the New York Academy of Medicine to continue the Boston GEM Consortium, an innovative rotation-model practicum program for MSW students that BUSSW has operated for six years. The Boston GEM Consortium is based on a collaborative partnership between BUSSW and eight health and social service organizations serving low-income neighborhoods in Boston. With this funding, the BUSSW GEM Project joins 35 other schools participating in the Practicum Partnership Program (PPP), a national initiative funded by the John A. Hartford Foundation to educate over 1,000 social workers in aging over the next eight years.