Evaluation and Support Center on Innovations in Oral Health

SSW Investigator(s):

Sara S. Bachman, PhD

Co-Principal Investigator:

Carol Tobias, BUSPH

Funding Source:


Project Description:

The Evaluation and Support Center provides technical assistance to 15 grantees to develop outreach strategies for client recruitment; improve capacity of medical providers to detect oral health needs and refer clients for care; improve linkages with the continuum of HIV care; implement oral health clinical policies and procedures; recruit and train dentists to participate in HIV oral health care; and implement HIV oral health patient education materials and interventions. The center is also designing and implementing a mixed-method multi-site evaluation of the demonstration project to track increased access to oral health care, patient outcomes, program implementation processes, strategies to overcome reimbursement obstacles, provider and patient education training outcomes, and lessons learned that will be useful for a broader audience. Finally, the center will promote and coordinate the dissemination of findings to oral health care providers, public health and state financing policy-makers, CARE Act grantees, and people living with HIV.