An Evaluation Of The Urban Medical Group House Calls Program

SSW Investigator(s):

Sara S. Bachman, PhD:

Co-Principal Investigator:

Carol Tobias, BUSPH

Funding Source:

The Jacob and Valeria Langeloth Foundation

Project Description:

The overall goal of the grant-funded evaluation is to promote increased funding (from public and private payers) and replication of the House Calls (HC) model.
The key research objectives are to:

  1. Demonstrate that HC reduces overall costs associated with medical care among participants as compared to non-participants
  2. Demonstrate that HC is effective at reducing hospital and nursing home admissions, an indicator of effective preventive care
  3. Demonstrate that HC increases the time until hospital and nursing home admissions, an indicator that patients remain in their homes longer
  4. Understand and communicate how HC meets the needs of patients and caregivers
  5. Understand and communicate how HC is a valuable program for housing providers

Key process objectives are to:

  1. Disseminate findings to key constituents
  2. Design data collection systems that will serve as building blocks for an on-going evaluation program at the Urban Medical Group.