Explaining Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Access to Mental Health Services by Children Involved with Child Welfare

SSW Investigator(s):

Sunny Hyucksun Shin

Funding Source:

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Project Description:

The long-range goal of the RWJF research project is to identify potential solutions for reducing racial and ethnic disparities in access to mental health services by maltreated children. Barriers to accessing mental health care constitute a more significant problem for ethnic minority children than for Caucasian children. Specifically, this is a significant problem for minority children involved with the child welfare system. The importance of the project is that it adds to the knowledge base to understand the mechanisms by which race/ethnicity influences access to mental health services. Using structural equation modeling and longitudinal analyses, this project provides additional information to social work practice about:

  1. How mental health outcomes are influenced by childhood maltreatment and involvement with the child welfare system.
  2. How family and cultural factors intersect with racial/ethnic minority children’s access to mental health care