Planning A National Center for Family Care Initiatives

SSW Investigator(s):

Judith G. Gonyea, PhD (Co-PI)

Major Outside Collaborators:

Rhonda J.V. Montgomery (PI), University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee; Nancy R. Hooyman, University of Washington (Co-PI)

Funding Source:

John A. Hartford Foundation

Project Description:

A two-year initiative to develop a National Center for Family Care Initiatives to expand the social work profession’s capacity to improve the quality of life and health status of older adults and their families.
The Center’s long-term objective is to make research resources available nationally to facilitate the development, implementation, and evaluation of innovative social services that will support families in their caring roles.
The Center, when fully funded, will enhance the capacity of the social work profession to provide national leadership in three areas:

  • The development of evidence-based, clinically useful assessment tools for family caregivers, older adult care recipients, and the caregiving environment.
  • The conduct of rigorous large-scale longitudinal intervention studies to answer practitioners’ questions about the optimal service(s) for families in different stages of caregiving.
  • The conduct of implementation and translational studies to assess how effective caregiver interventions can be introduced, integrated into, and sustained in agencies.