A Nationwide Survey of Kidney Transplant Social Workers’ Job Roles, Responsibilities and Occupational Well-Being

SSW Investigator(s):

Joseph Merighi

Major Outside Collaborators:

Teri Browne

Funding Source:

National Kidney Foundation

Project Description:

The purpose of this national online survey is to examine the professional practice experiences and occupational well-being of nephrology social workers employed in transplant programs throughout the United States.  Four specific aims will guide this investigation: (1) to describe the roles and professional responsibilities of kidney transplant social workers; (2) to assess workplace resources that affect the social workers’ professional training and functioning; (3) to measure job strain, emotional exhaustion, workload demands, and job-related well-being; and (4) to examine how well transplant social workers are able to provide social services to patients and their families.  The study findings will be used to explicate the nature of social work practice for kidney transplant social workers; to make recommendations that will improve the job satisfaction, work environment, and occupational well-being of these social workers; and to enhance the provision of psychosocial services to transplant recipients.