Delivery of Internet Treatment fro Compulsive Hoarding (D.I.T.C.H)

SSW Investigator(s):

Jordana Muroff, PI
Gail Steketee (Co-I)

Major Outside Collaborators:

Randy Frost (Co-I), Smith College
Joseph Himle (Co-I), University of Michigan
Leaders of the online group for compulsive hoarding

Funding Source:

Obsessive Compulsive Foundation

Project Description:

This study will test the effectiveness of an online cognitive behavioral-based group intervention designed to help people with compulsive hoarding better manage their symptoms. Online group participants post behavioral goals and progress at least once per month and have access to expert mental health information and educational resources on hoarding, lists of professional contacts, and a real-time chat-room. Anonymous users (n=100) and people on the waitlist (n=100) of this web-based hoarding support group will be recruited via an email message containing a unique link to a voluntary anonymous web-based survey. Respondents will be asked to complete self-report instruments about their hoarding behavior, impairment, readiness to change hoarding problem, comorbid conditions, social isolation, clinical improvement, etc. at four time points over the course of one year. Internet based self-help for compulsive hoarding is a novel intervention that may extend access to mental health care for this debilitating problem.