Social Welfare Analysis Colloquium


Fall 2006
September 21

John B. Williamson
Professor of Sociology, Boston College
“Recent Social Security Reforms in China”

(w/co-author, Catherine Deitelbaum)

September 28

Cathie Jo Martin
Professor of Political Science, Boston University
“Does the Organization of Capital Matter? Employers and Active Labor Market Policy at the National and Firm Levels”
(w/co author, Duane Swank)

October 5

Michael Doonan
Assistant Professor, Heller School for Social Policy and Management
Brandeis University
“Federalism and American Health Policy”

October 12

Renee Spencer
Assistant Professor of Social Work, Boston University
“”It’s not what I expected:”A Qualitative Study of Youth Mentoring Relationship Failures”

October 19

Samantha Friedman
Assistant Professor of Sociology, Northeastern University
“Does suburban residence mean better neighborhood condition for all households? Assessing the influence of nativity status and race/ethnicity”

October 26

Margaret Lombe
Assistant Professor of Social Work, Boston College
“Effects of Participating in an Asset-Building Intervention on Social Inclusion”
(see also tables)

November 2

Lisa Dodson
Professor of Sociology, Boston College
“Wage-poor Mothers and Moral Economy”

November 9

Emily Barman
Assistant Professor of Sociology, Boston University
“What is the Bottom Line for Nonprofit Organizations? A History of Measurement in the British Voluntary Sector”

November 16

Kelly Mills-Dick
Doctoral Candidate, Social Work and Sociology, Boston University
“The Un-Retirement and Lifelong Learning of Retired Social Workers”

November 30

Laurie Goldman
Lecturer, Dept. of Urban and Environmental PolicyPlanning, Tufts
“Democratic Governance Across the Front Lines of Public Serving Bureaucracies: Structures for Learning, Collective Action, and Mutual Support”